When I emailed Collette to follow-up with her after her initial inquiry into wedding photography, I received quite possibly the best response I have ever had the privilege to read. I asked her to give me more details on her and Patrick’s big day, and this is how she responded:

Our wedding day is going to be a mix of traditional and contemporary because we are exactly that mix. Patrick, the groom(!), is a hip, extremely outgoing guy who truly makes friend everywhere (grocery store lines, gas stations… literally everywhere). In the typical 80s high school movie, he’s definitely the rebellious, semi-outsider that’s everyone loves but is also secretly a genius and an emotional softie. He’s the greatest.  On the other hand, I’m definitely the introspective nerd in our 80s movie analogy. I can definitely dress up and be outgoing, but once midnight strikes, I need to be on the couch for low key quiet time. I’m a pretty crafty person and will bake just about anything you request.

I knew from that moment that this was going to be a blast! Their beautiful small wedding at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Downtown Raleigh (where her grandparents were members for decades). After the ceremony, they paraded down the block to the Holiday Inn Downtown Raleigh for an afternoon brunch reception filled with many delicious cakes and sweets! The Sky Lounge at the Holiday Inn was the perfect spot for overlooking the Raleigh skyline while enjoying brunch.

Collette & Patrick | Sacred Heart Cathedral // Holiday Inn Downtown Raleigh

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