On October 4th I received an email from my contact form from Collette. She started by saying she loves my style and way of capturing a story–words any photographer would love to hear! When I asked her how she had heard about me, she said:

Honestly, in unfortunately typical 2017 fashion, I have no idea how I initially heard about you guys but I do know that I’ve been following you on Instagram for awhile. Hooray modern life (?!). Also, in the craziest coincidences, I had an amazing teacher high school named Amy Wilkins. She was awesome and I remember her being one of the prettiest and glamorous adults I’d ever met. 

Okay, y’all. It’s not very often you manage to get clients who are so wonderful quirky! With their wedding day approaching rapidly and not much time to spare, we were able to squeeze in an engagement session last Saturday. Yep, exactly ONE week before their big day (which at this point is TOMORROW). We met very early Saturday morning at Lafayette Village in North Raleigh for the shoot. Weather was threatening the original plans we had so switched things up a bit!

It’s so clear that these two are meant to be together. Patrick kept Collette smiling the whole time! We can’t wait to capture their wedding tomorrow!

Collette & Patrick | Lafayette Village Raleigh

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