Rebranding Announcement!

Well, I suppose it’s important to start at the beginning! Did you know that before AG1 Photography, we were referred to as A. Ginsbe. One. Photography? Talk about a mouthful! There’s a funny story that goes along with why that was the original name, and I’d like to share that with you as a preface for the rebanding announcement I’m going to share!

The Beginning

Once upon a time I was a student at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. I studied video production and loved it so much I worked as a teacher’s aide for a few semesters. I TA’d for a Television Production and Direction course that occurred twice a week. If students had any questions throughout the week, the were encouraged to reach out to me, the TA, before reaching out to the professor. Students didn’t seem to mind this as the professor I worked for was a bit hard to understand at times (okay most times).

Here I am on set for my senior thesis project! 

In college, your email address was created with the following formula: first initial of your first name, the first 6 letters of your last name, and the number 1. Unless of course you weren’t the first email with that letter combination (I had a friend who was asmith16). So, for me, that resulted in my email address being Well, one student in the class took it upon himself to start referring to me by my email address–aginsbe1. It soon caught on in the communications school and my friends started referring to me that way (or ginsbe for short).

When I started taking photos, it was mostly for friends and classmates. Aginsbe1 was what many knew my by, so it’s what I stuck with for my photography. A Ginsbe One Photography began in 2011.

One of the first shoots that A. Ginsbe. One. Photography had!

A few years ago I decided to shorten the name to AG1 to keep things a little simpler. A. Ginsbe. One. was a mouthful to say and it became cumbersome to constantly explain the meaning behind the name! With AG1 people just assumed it was my initials and it made things a whole lot easier!

A. Ginsbe. One turned into AG1 in 2013.


Since then, I’ve gotten married (to a wonderful human being, I might add) and my last name changed from Ginsberg to Wilkins! It seemed a little silly to keep AG1 as my last name was no longer Ginsberg, but I had been established that way for so long I thought it would be best to keep it.

However, since I’ve now added Mike on as my second shooter, I feel it is time to change the name. In a few months we will no longer be AG1 Photography. We are still working out kinks when it comes to figuring out what name to settle upon (there might be some voting involved…), but rest assured we’ll keep you posted!

Amy & Mike in Raleigh, NC

What does this mean for you?

Simply, it means we’ll be changing the name of our studio but the quality you’ve come to expect will remain the same! We’ll have to create a new Facebook page (as we can’t change the name more than once–silly Facebook rules) and we’ll encourage you to “Like” it! You’ll see a new logo and a new email address, too. And finally, of course, our website address will change! Content (aside from the name) will be the same. 🙂


Rebranding Announcement!

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