“Hey! A friend contacted me about doing engagement pictures (of an actual surprise engagement)…I told her I’d pass your info along! Is that okay?”

That’s the text I received on a Friday night in March from one of my sister’s friends regarding the proposal photos you’re about to see.  This means, of course, that my answer was that it was totally okay! As I don’t have a client base down in Raleigh yet, I was ready to jump on any recommendations that came my way. What I wasn’t ready for, was how absolutely precious Sarah is! 

After speaking on the phone with Robbie, it was decided the proposal would happen in front of the fountain at the WRAL Azalea Gardens near downtown Raleigh. I had never been before, so Mike and I headed there a bit early to scope it out–it was beautiful! You’ll see handfuls of photos of flowers below, because I really want you to capture how beautiful this was!

When Robbie was running late from the timeline we had, I nervously sent him a text to check in! I didn’t want to give away the surprise–but good news! Robbie thought ahead, and had me in his phone as “Derek”. Just in case Sarah happened to see his phone. Of course, she was blindfolded on the entire car ride over!

You all are going to simply LOVE this garden engagement! Enough jibber jabber from me, scroll down and take a look for yourself!

Robbie & Sarah | Raleigh Engagement

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    Great job! Welcome to Raleigh!!

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