Today is wonderful because Baby Charolette is coming!

This was written on one of the many cute decorations at the baby shower for little baby Charlotte (not pictured, weirdly enough). Friday night, last minute, my older sister’s friend, Kellie, texted me asking if I’d be able to come capture photos at a baby shower she was hosting for her friend Emily on Sunday. Emily and Kellie had gone to Meredith College together and there would be a couple of Meredith folk there (including my sister) that I would know. 

Before I even walked inside I knew I was in for a Pinterest treat! I mean, just look at the door hanger! Before the shower started I even got to snap a few photos of Kellie’s little one, Lincoln. Soon after, folks started arriving and the shower began! Emily was hardly seen without a smile on her face. There was definitely a lot of love in the place! 

It was my first time capturing events at a baby shower, so this was new to me, but Kellie’s decorations and Emily’s smiling face made this pretty easy! Also, baby shower games are pretty adorable. For example, I learned that a baby porcupine is called a porcupette! How cute is that? 

Baby Shower for CEG!

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  1. Emily Gregg says:

    These are amazing!! You did such a great job capturing the day and Kellie did an awesome job as party host. It was so great to meet you!

    • Amy Wilkins says:

      THANK YOU! And I agree, Kellie did a WONDERFUL job as party host. I mean, who finds purple baby diapers with macarons on them? It was great to meet you, too! 🙂

  2. Kellie Chaney says:

    The diapers were pure luck (or God’s favor, however you want to see it… )! These are so wonderful! Thank you! You captured the day perfectly!

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