Everyone could always use a little pick me up…

And I’m no exception. There are many days where I’m not always feeling the greatest and I just want to be reminded that I’m not defined by how I feel in the moment. There are many days when I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. On those days, I tend to force myself into a selfie photoshoot, because why not.

I don’t wear make-up. This is mostly because I’m cheap, I’m lazy, and I rub my eyes too often to handle wearing it. Last year I wore make-up TWICE. Once in July for a wedding in which I was the Maid of Honor, and then again in September when I myself got married. It always throws my husband for a loop when he sees me with it on, because he’s so used to me without it (and loves that I don’t wear it – praise The Lord)! Because I don’t wear make-up, there’s nothing for me to hide behind when I head out into the world on days where I am feeling less than.

But so here’s the thing — everyone is actually beautiful. How do I know? Well, we were created to be! So ladies (and fellas, too), trust me when I say, “You look beautiful!” after I snap a photo of you. I’m not lying. 🙂

Anyway… since yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and I have some Irish in me (can’t you tell by the reddish hair?) I decided to put on a green dress and sit in a green chair for my selfie photoshoot. By the way, this shoot ended up being a bit difficult because the battery in my remote died! It was hard to get my shots totally in focus. I took it as another example that things don’t need to be perfect to be beautiful!

St. Patrick’s Day Pick Me Up

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