I’ve known Will since our freshman year at Ithaca College back in 2007. So, needless to say, I was super excited when he and Melissa (also an Ithaca alum) asked me to take some “family” portraits with their new puppy, Bullet! I had heard about this little fellow and I was excited to finally meet him! (Everyone needs a puppy fix every now and then, right?)

It was a very warm afternoon and it even rained a few times, but Will & Melissa were troopers, as was my favorite second shooter/pack mule/fiancé, Mike. We wandered around a short trail at Patapsco Valley State Park (Hollofield Entrance) and captured some really joyous photographs! I’m excited to share them with you all! 

First we have a wonderful shot from Mike! Did you know he’s only tagged along with me TWICE? He’s pretty darn good for a beginner, dontcha think?

Just look at that face! Isn’t Bullet the CUTEST?!

Two more from my favorite second shooter. You should all know, it’s hard to capture a genuine Will Matthews smile, and he did it!

Who else thinks that Bullet looks like he’s smiling?

Sometimes Bullet was a little out of control, though! This puppy just wanted to play!

Of course we did a handful of photos sans puppy, also. 🙂

Okay, time we bring back that puppy!

Matthews Family | Patapsco Valley State Park

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