Calli & Jon | Sorella Farms Wedding | Evington, VA

It’s not very often that I agree to photograph a wedding without meeting the bride or groom first. In fact, I think this was the FIRST wedding where I had done just that. Aside from a few emails and one phone call, I hadn’t really met Calli and I hadn’t had any correspondence with Jon. They were acquaintances with a dear friend of mine (who was in my wedding), so I knew they would be good peoples.

So when my husband (aka my second shooter) and I showed up at Sorella Farms in Evington, VA on a hot and humid Friday afternoon, we had no idea what we were getting into. Luckily for us, we were blessed with having such a relaxed bride and groom! Heck, you wouldn’t even know they were bothered by the heat (and believe me, it was HOT).

This was my second time at this venue (my aforementioned friend got married at this same place) and I was amazed how different the feel could be! Calli and Jon had a beautiful wedding and wonderful reception! Plus, we got lucky with some pretty clouds and a GORGEOUS sunset! Ch-ch-check it out! Congrats Mrs. & Mr. Jon Krick!

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